Come Join Us for New Classes

Classes are starting Monday Feb 6th. Download the Vagaro booking app and log on to my Vagaro page for more information or call/message me directly @
Classes will also be available virtually.
Mondays 4:45pm Cardio Beat (available online soon) $8.00 for a limited time…Free to Private Training Clients
Weds 4:45 pm Calisfit ((In-person or online) $8.00 for a limited time…Free to Private Training Clients

Let’s get ready for spring!
I look forward to hearing from you!

Dance Beat Cardio:

This is a low impact cardio class that follows the beat of many types of music.
It’s fun and simple, no complicated moves.
Plan to have a great time enjoying some of your favorite songs and burning lots of calories with a total body work out.
Class length is 45 mins and includes a warm up and a cooldown with rhythmic stretching.
Clean shoes are a must. I provide towels and water but feel free to bring your own if you choose.


This 45 min class is a low to intermediate level calisthenics class, designed to build muscle and definition.
All fitness levels are welcome. Please bring clean shoes.
I provide mats, towels and water, but you are welcome to bring your own.

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