Your Summer Bod

YES!! Spring has finally sprung. Are you ready? If you are like most Minnesotans’, you have barely started thinking about Summer because up until the last week you probably had or maybe still do, have not just a couple of inches but feet of snow in your yard.
So now that you realize you are several weeks behind in your summer bod goals, let’s make a plan to get caught up.
What to do…..

1 – Write down a goal contract with yourself. It’s not enough to just to say, “I want to be more fit”, or “I need to shed my winter fur”. You need a realistic goal that you can verbalize and stick with. Writing it down will make you really think about it.

2 – Take your weight and measurements (mornings before breakfast). Write them down in the same book you have your personal goal contract. You may need help with measurements to keep you honest.


3 – Take time to do some reading or listen to podcasts on what are realistic time frames for strength building and weight loss. Remember, most people think they exercise 20% more than they do and eat 20 % less than they do, so don’t leave it to thinking or feeling. Learn about healthy exercise and nutrition.

4 – Read your food labels. Are you eating only one serving size at a time, or are you like many people and eating 1.5 to 2 servings. Have you ever measured out a serving? Do you know what a serving looks like? Have you ever even looked at your food labels to see what nutrition is in your foods? You need to know why you need, or don’t need them.

5 – PUT IT ALL TOGETHER. Now this is defiantly the quick list, but if this list is still too much for you to comprehend and do on your own, hire a professional.

Like many people, I don’t repair my own car or do my own home remodeling projects, and its not because I’m totally incapable of learning something new but because I already have a job and don’t need another one. I want the expertise of someone that already knows how to do it.
Now what could be more important than keeping your body running in tip top shape? Just like your car and your home, they are expensive investments and the better you take care of them the longer they will hold up for you.

Finding the right professional will depend on several things: schedule, goals, money and location.
No matter whether you go with an online class or a private personal trainer, it will be crucial that they know their stuff. Make sure they have a current CPR and Training certification.
If shopping online Google there business to see what their work history is and see if they are going to get you hurt because they have never taken proper training to do the job.
If you decide to go with an in-person private trainer, again make sure they are certified, insured and experienced. Interview them like you would anyone else that you are planning to hire. It is an investment in time, labor and money.

If you take it seriously this year, and don’t give up when the going gets hard you won’t slide as far next year and pretty soon you will be in your summer bod all year long.


Toni Fulton
Betabfit Personal Training


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