Come Join Us for New Classes

Classes are starting Monday Feb 6th. Download the Vagaro booking app and log on to my Vagaro page for more information or call/message me directly @ Classes will also be available virtually. Mondays 4:45pm Cardio Beat (available online soon) $8.00 for a limited time…Free to Private Training Clients Weds 4:45 pm Calisfit ((In-person […]


Get a great deal while giving your body what it needs. GreenRoads has updated their packaging so I am offering all my instock line of CBD oils, Gummies and Roll-Ons 25% off! Call…Email or stop by 518 1st St. Princeton to pick up. Supplies are limited

Friendly Yoga — Noon on WEDS starting Sept 1st

So… are you ready to get a mid day reboot? Come join me a the Betabfit Training Center at 12 noon on Weds. I will be offering my (45 min) Friendly Yoga class. This class will be on a trial basis for 2 months and if I get a good reception from the community… I […]


I am putting together my next Green Roads order. Call or email me if you have any questions or would like to order. I have a full price list available. Be Your Best…..

Big News!

BetaBfit is Growing I am taking on a larger space, and this will give me the opportunity to add my Zumba Gold, my very energetic Zumba Strength classes, and Yoga, back into my line up. I will also be adding Small Group Training for those of you that need the accountability of One-On-One Training and […]

Exercise and Rest: How Much Rest You Actually Need

Now that people are starting to get back to a more regular schedule, and Gyms are opening back up, I thought we needed a little info on why not to over do it. I know you are probably very anxious to hit it hard and every day but let just give your body a chance […]

Home gym on a budget

Do you have a 6’ x 6’ space available and $75 to spare? Believe it or not, that’s all you need to create a home gym. The equipment suggested below can be left out in the open all the time or stored in a closet. Also included are tips on navigating the options of each […]

Yoga: Fight stress and find serenity

During these stressful times we look for healthy ways to manage. Here is a good article from the Mayo Clinic about how yoga can help. Is yoga right for you? It is if you want to fight stress, get fit and stay healthy. By Mayo Clinic Staff Understanding yoga Yoga — a mind-body practice — […]

Private Fitness Training, it’s Meant to be Private

So you finally decided that you are going to make this year a better year for fitness than last year. You get your gym membership and schedule your free orientation. The trainer helping your offers you several free training sessions to get you going, and if you like it, you can purchase more, good deal […]

Be Your Best On Your Best Day

How to look and feel your best on your wedding day! Tips for Wedding Day Fitness Success Here’s the Straight Talk:  You will look amazing on your wedding day, no matter what. But how you go about getting there can make a big difference in the stress of planning your big day. Now I know […]