Business Spotlight-Full Article- updated and revised

BUSINESS OF THE MONTH: BetaBfit Updated from Kanabec Times article in March of 2016 Toni  Fulton,  CPT,  is  a  Master  Fitness  Trainer  and  the  owner  of  BetaBFit  Personal  Training  and  Consulting,  with  in  Princeton.  The business’s purpose is summed up in its name: “Betta Be Fit!” “My tagline is ‘Practical Fitness for our Unpractical Lives’ Toni […]

Come Join Us for New Classes

Classes are starting Monday Feb 6th. Download the Vagaro booking app and log on to my Vagaro page for more information or call/message me directly @ Classes will also be available virtually. Mondays 4:45pm Cardio Beat (available online soon) $8.00 for a limited time…Free to Private Training Clients Weds 4:45 pm Calisfit ((In-person […]

Private Fitness Training, it’s Meant to be Private

So you finally decided that you are going to make this year a better year for fitness than last year. You get your gym membership and schedule your free orientation. The trainer helping your offers you several free training sessions to get you going, and if you like it, you can purchase more, good deal […]

Be Your Best On Your Best Day

How to look and feel your best on your wedding day! Tips for Wedding Day Fitness Success Here’s the Straight Talk:  You will look amazing on your wedding day, no matter what. But how you go about getting there can make a big difference in the stress of planning your big day. Now I know […]

If You Are Ready To Get Serious: 5 Reasons To Hire A Personal Trainer

If you’re serious about fitness and getting in shape, a personal trainer may be a perfect investment for you. At BetaBfit Personal Training, you get a Certified Master Trainer who is excited to start working with you! I can help you reach your fitness goals, improve muscle strength, boost your heart health, relieve stress, and […]

7 Ways to Keep Your Motivation to Exercise

Everyone has started out on an exercise program full of excitement and determination, only to find the excitement start to fade after a few days. What started as something you were sure was going to change your life, has began to make your life a nightmare, trying to keep the enthusiasm at a high enough […]

What is Self Myofascial Release

Self Myofascial Release Techniques is a fancy way to say Foam Roller Training First its important to know just what is fascia and myofascia. Fascia is the tissue located between the skin and the underlying structure of muscle and bone, and forms a seamless web covers and connects the muscles, organs, and skeletal structures in […]

A gift that will change a life!!

Give the Gift of Health It’s not too late to make a real difference in a loved ones life.  Call or email me today about giving a Gift Certificate for Personal Training  (sessions or personalized programs) , Fitness Consulting, Supplements or Home Fitness Training.   Respond to: 612.390.0765 Offer limited to 50 mile radius […]

Why Sports Supplements Can Work For You? Lets Start With Protein

SO YOU ARE NOT A BELIEVER IN PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS? 5 Reasons You Need to Re Think That!! What a toned and incredibly defined body needs is PROTEIN! It may be hard for us fitness lovers to accept, but protein skeptics still abound. The starvation-dieters, the women who think they’ll get bulky, the anti-fat crew-for them, […]