Fit Vs Skinny

Fit versus Skinny, which are you? Or even more important, which one is your workout and diet focused on.¬† Don’t assume that if you are still in the same size jeans you were 10 years ago you are fit, or that if you have an “active lifestyle” you are strong. Its not about the size […]

Hello world!

Welcome to my fitness blog! We are just getting started but I hope to provide you with ¬†great information and fitness tips to help keep you healthy and happy. Come back soon and see what we are up to. Toni Share with your friends… Facebook Pinterest Twitter AccessDeniedAccess DeniedDV63TXJ3FC04ZS2PcgUdZ6gVgjgdOEUlF7OS0HThNhTMy0Roi15AxDguQD867MB2iYwJRwsXhOl1ZgWtIYF9jj8MLfY= AccessDeniedAccess DeniedDV60TTM37DRY44DEcgMAGLtMX3eRtRIP7d2GFzT4P4ew14Dq24mbNHS2IrvwKXoIo6hi5/k4qiyqzM4F9CDbsbsB248=Google Linkedin Print Email