Importance of Exercise and Supplementation

Importance of Exercise  and  Supplementation   Regular exercise is one of the best medicines available. It should be a part of everyone’s weekly routine. Regular exercise is linked to significant benefits in bone density, blood pressure, lean muscle mass and overall mood. Most of us interested in health know that exercise is important. But are […]

A gift that will change a life!!

Give the Gift of Health It’s not too late to make a real difference in a loved ones life.  Call or email me today about giving a Gift Certificate for Personal Training  (sessions or personalized programs) , Fitness Consulting, Supplements or Home Fitness Training.   Respond to: 612.390.0765 Offer limited to 50 mile radius […]

Why Sports Supplements Can Work For You? Lets Start With Protein

SO YOU ARE NOT A BELIEVER IN PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS? 5 Reasons You Need to Re Think That!! What a toned and incredibly defined body needs is PROTEIN! It may be hard for us fitness lovers to accept, but protein skeptics still abound. The starvation-dieters, the women who think they’ll get bulky, the anti-fat crew-for them, […]

Zumba or Zumba Gold?

If you are wondering which class is best for you, here is a brief description. Zumba Basic….Zumba® Fitness is a feel-happy (medium to high impact) workout that combines a motivating fusion of Latin and international music with unique moves and dynamic combinations that allow participants to dance away their worries.  It is based on the […]

Why You Will Benefit From A CPT

The answer to that question isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Most people figure I’m saying that because it’s what I do. But….. the main word here is benefit, I didn’t say why you need or should want at Certified Personal Trainer.  Though I can make a pretty strong argument for those words too.  […]

Fit Vs Skinny

Fit versus Skinny, which are you? Or even more important, which one is your workout and diet focused on.  Don’t assume that if you are still in the same size jeans you were 10 years ago you are fit, or that if you have an “active lifestyle” you are strong. Its not about the size […]

Hello world!

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