A gift that will change a life!!

Give the Gift of Health It’s not too late to make a real difference in a loved ones life.  Call or email me today about giving a Gift Certificate for Personal Training  (sessions or personalized programs) , Fitness Consulting, Supplements or Home Fitness Training.   Respond to: toni@betabfit.com 612.390.0765 Offer limited to 50 mile radius […]

Why Sports Supplements Can Work For You? Lets Start With Protein

SO YOU ARE NOT A BELIEVER IN PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS? 5 Reasons You Need to Re Think That!! What a toned and incredibly defined body needs is PROTEIN! It may be hard for us fitness lovers to accept, but protein skeptics still abound. The starvation-dieters, the women who think they’ll get bulky, the anti-fat crew-for them, […]