Why You Will Benefit From A CPT

man from logo artThe answer to that question isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Most people figure I’m saying that because it’s what I do. But….. the main word here is benefit, I didn’t say why you need or should want at Certified Personal Trainer.  Though I can make a pretty strong argument for those words too.  What I want to get across is what a CPT will offer you so that the money you invest not the primary focus.

1. You want to slow down or even reverse the effects of aging

Being physically fit is one of the most effective ways to fight aging. Regular and consistent workouts drastically reduce the loss of lean muscle. Also having the proper exercise plan will help you build muscle and raise your metabolism.  In addition there are studies that suggest that exercise has a protective effect against dementia.

2. You want to lose weight and KEEP it off

This is probably a given, but remember that to maintain weight loss and not just to lose a few pounds, then go back to being a couch potato, it requires regular activity, strength training and a sensible healthy diet. Chances are if you are a yo-yo-er, you are lacking in at least one of those areas.

3. You lovtraining blk and whitee your children

If you are active there is a better chance that your kids will be active too. Plus you are more likely to be around to enjoy them longer. You will be setting a good example about the importance of caring for yourself.

4. You have a bad back

It may not have always been the case but now people with so-called “bad backs” are encouraged to move and strengthen your core. You need to know your limits and follow your doctors advise, but usually you move it or you lose it!

5. You don’t sleep well

Even though exercise is energizing, it also wears you out. Eventually you will feel more energized during the day and count sheep better a night.

Now I could go on and on, so getting back to my original statement, you can see the benefits are great and many. As the well-known quote kinda says “Pay me now or pay the doctor later”. I think we all would prefer the route of being fit and staying in control of our health.


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