Private Fitness Training, it’s Meant to be Private

So you finally decided that you are going to make this year a better year for fitness than last year.

You get your gym membership and schedule your free orientation. The trainer helping your offers you several free training sessions to get you going, and if you like it, you can purchase more, good deal right?

Well you are not the only one who has no idea what to do. You and your trainer start warm up, all is good, then as you are taken through various exercises that you have never done, you realize you have an audience. They try not to be obvious about watching cause after all, they dont want you to feel self conscious.  You have trouble concentrating on the exercises because you feel foolish and uncoordinated. The trainer is talking loud enough that everyone knows when your struggling, saying some like ” Come on, you can do it…dont quit now! ”   That is not at all bad, but now more people are watching and you DO want to quit.  Then you also have questions about why they picked the exercises for you that they did because you couldn’t even come close to doing them well at all.  You leave that session wiped out and somewhat embarrassed, thinking I have to come up with an excuse before our next session.  Then as you are leaving the gym another member says ” dont feel bad I couldn’t do those exercises either”  So not only did you feel like you were doing them wrong so did others!


You are working out, just trying to get through your program. You are not sure if you are doing it right or if you are wasting your time. You ask a gym employee to help you.  You take them over to the piece of equipment you cant quite figure out and all of a sudden there are several people standing around giving their opinion on how to do it. After about 20 mins you know how to do someone else’s workout but not your own…UUUGH!

Last but not least….

You were told by your doctor that if you don’t improve your health you won’t be around to see your  grandchildren.

Crap! You hate exercise and can’t stand the thought of going into a gym packed with people. It seems like everyone knows what they are doing and you don’t. You feel like all eyes are upon you and they’re thinking “How did they let themselves get so out of shape?”  You leave frustrated and scared because this is serious, You HAVE to make a change!

GOOD NEWS,  you can!   What I’m getting at is just what the title says “Private Training sometimes needs to be private”.  Not everyone enjoys being the center of attention, not everyone wants everyone to know how little strength they have and not everyone wants to have people around as they struggle to keep their shirt over their belly when doing crunches.

If you are currently working out with a trainer at a gym, make sure you make your feelings known if you feel self conscious.  Your trainer will make a greater effort to accommodate you. If you would like another option still, try a Private Training Center or Studio.  Like the BetaBfit Training Centers.

Though they may charge a bit more, you will get a private environment,  just you and your trainer. You can ask questions, talking privately and openly about how you are feeling. Your time with your trainer is your time, and they won’t be interrupted by other members while working with you.

Toni Fulton -Master Trainer/Owner-Betabfit Private Training

“Practical Fitness for our Unpractical Lives”


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