Fitness Tips

Fitness Facts-

  1. Remember doing something is much better than doing nothing
  2. Muscle burns many more calories a day than fat, so doing some strengthening will raise your metabolism
  3. Fitness goals need to be realistic, look for a program that you can use for a lifetime, don’t look for a quick fix
  4. You cannot turn fat into muscle and vice versa
  5. Fat carried in the middle is more dangerous than fat carried on the hips for heart disease
  6. If trying to reduce body fat, measuring yourself is a better determination of progress than weighing
  7. Your body ages faster the less you use it
  8. Exercising in your HRZ (heart rate zone) will help you reach your goals in a body fat reduction program faster
  9. HRZ formula: 220 minus your age =? (max heart rate) then multiply ? by 55% for low end, then multiply ? by 85% for high end.
  10. Personal training isn’t just for the rich and famous anymore
  11. When exercising always warm up first – lightly moving and stretching until you feel warm and invigorated
  12. Strength training movements should be slow and controlled, always!
  13. Abdominal exercises, like crunches, won’t take fat off your middle but will strengthen your abdominals