Be Your Best On Your Best Day

How to look and feel your best on your wedding day!

Tips for Wedding Day Fitness Success

Here’s the Straight Talk:  You will look amazing on your wedding day, no matter what. But how you go about getting there can make a big difference in the stress of planning your big day.

Now I know you immediately started thinking of diets, getting back to the gym, and detoxes the minute you got engaged. But it’s more important to stay healthy (and sane) if you want to achieve a few fitness goals before your wedding day—and BetaBfit can help set a smart workout and wellness plan by following these tips.

  1. Get Serious

The earlier you decide on your workout plan and put it into effect the better. Then you can actually focus on all the good you’re doing for your body instead of trying to reach a goal that may not be attainable, and getting stressed out.  This would be a good time to invest in an experienced personal trainer. Its important to work smart, and having an expert guide you to your fitness goals will help you enjoy the journey of planning your wedding!

  1. Be Realistic

Look at the big picture when setting fitness goals.  If you aim too high, you’ll only be setting yourself up for failure and frustration. Not every bride must be a size two or every groom have a six pack on your wedding day. You need to realistically evaluate what your ideal weight and body shape should be, and whether you’re capable of getting there in a healthy way. Once you have an attainable goal in mind, be prepared to do the amount of work necessary in the time it’ll take to reach it.

  1. Know What It Takes

It will take a minimum of three to four 30-minute sessions of cardio per week, and the same amount of strength training, though that amount will need to be adjusted depending on your goals. If you have more than 15 pounds to lose you’ll need to kick your cardio up to five or six times per week. Relax—cardio can be anything from going for a run to jogging, brisk walks and cycling, which is much easier on joints and makes you less prone to injuries. Find something you enjoy so you’ll be more likely to keep it up. And remember: If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get the results you’ve always gotten. Rice says, if you want to make more progress, be prepared to push yourself a bit harder.

  1. Adjust Your Eating Habits

The best way to get the most out of any exercise routine is to pair it with healthy eating habits. You cannot out-exercise a poor diet. What is the simplest way to get started? Eat more vegetables. You’ll also want to focus on superfoods, like broccoli, eggs and walnuts, which fill you up quicker, keep you feeling full longer and help you lose weight faster.

  1. Lose Fat, Not Muscle

The big takeaway here is you can not turn fat into muscle. You need to have a plan that will allow you to burn more calories than you consume, and build more muscle than you had before. This will both raise your metabolism and use the calories you already have stored on you, making you leaner.

  1. Log Workouts and Nutrition Plans

Nothing makes you feel more motivated to keep going than actually hitting your goals. Keep goals small and specific.

Write your goals down in a journal and make a note as you reach each one so you have a record of your successes. Record your results, whether they’re good or bad!—then you’ll find it’s not so tough to continue to build on your achievements.

NOTE: We think we eat at least 20% less than we do, and we think we exercise at least 20% more that we do.

Writing down your meals and workout will keep you from sticking your head in the sand on the days you have little self-discipline.

  1. Strong is the New Sexy

One big misconception of most woman is that they don’t want to work out with weights because they will get muscle bulk.   This isn’t true for 98% of women.  Lift weights for a toned lean body. Not just so that you can see how much you can lift, leave that to the groom. 😊

  1. Be Positive

Everyone has bad days so don’t beat yourself up over yours. If you really think about it, will you ever have better fitness motivation than for your wedding day? Probably not, so invest in a plan and a fitness trainer for best results that will last you a life time. Then you can enjoy the journey.

  1. Accountability

We all will perform better and stay on track, if we have support and accountability. Get your wedding party to join a group class or group training.  With BetaBfit Group Training you can get all of the benefits of one-on-one training at ½ the price when you join group training.


From the very beginning both of you will need to find experts to help you with your wedding. From the photographer to the caterer you will need someone who you can put your faith in.  Your fitness is no different, and in fact it’s even more important because your fitness journey doesn’t end when you say I do. Call a professional. Toni at BetaBfit Personal Training and Consulting is a Master Trainer with over 20 years of experience. She specializes in practical fitness, nutrition and strength. She helps people get fit, and stay fit and healthy.

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