7 Important Questions to Ask Your Personal Trainer Before Hiring Them

We all know making the decision that you can not do it on your own is a big enough decision, but add on top of it “Who Can Help Me?” may just make you never take action and will keep you floundering.   So, first of all ask around not just at the front counter of your fitness facility but ask your friends, family, facebook friends and even you Doctor. You need to find a person in the location that is most convenient for YOU not them or you won’t go.  *If by chance you have the money and the time to work with the best by no means ever pass it up, but most people have a very busy life and convenience counts!

Now lets say you found two or three names and all have passed the sniff test then its time to have a serious sit down so you can get to know each other.  I put together this list of 7 questions to ask but by no means should these be the ONLY questions you will ask.  I am saddened when I see hard working people throw their perfectly good money at a Trainer that isnt a good match for them for any reason, whether its misunderstood expectations or miscommunications, it leads to wasted time and money on both sides.

Now relax and remember you and your new Trainer will be spending alot of time together so ask these questions if they dont just volunteer it, they should have nothing to hide.

7 must ask questions:

1. How long have you been certified?
(You want to make sure they have had some, REAL experience)

2. Are you insured?
(Rarely will a trainer ever use their liability insurance but you need to know you both are protected)

3. What organization did you get your Certification with?
(Some companies  or Trainers take the route of cheap online certifications so they can start making money off members and clients quickly)

4. What are your specialties?
(This will tell you where there passion is)

5. Can I have names of 3 past or current clients to talk to?
(Great way to get the nitty gritty, best if 2 of three are past so they feel comfortable telling the facts from a hindsight perspective)

6. How will your experience and schooling make you a good fit for me?
(This will give you an idea if they have been listening to you or just going through the basic questions because it is procedure)

7. Are you paid hourly or on commission?
(They won’t be expecting this, and there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong answer, but if they are hourly they get paid the same whether they are with clients or not, this may give them less of a reason to work hard for results for you, and commission can make them overly anxious to get clients so they can pay bills and may not be willing to tell you that they are not experienced in your circumstance. The worst case scenario is a club sales person selling Personal Training and not qualifying the Trainer for the best fit for the member.

Congratulations!!   Now GO Gettum!!

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